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Always Keep the Communication Lines Open with Your OBGYN

As an adult, I have always visited my OBGYN on a regular basis for pap smears and other important health screenings. I thought I was doing "everything right," to take care of my female health, but unfortunately, I began having re-occurring yeast infections. I kept trying home treatment after home treatment and while some worked temporarily, my infections always came back. I finally got fed up and made an extra appointment with my OBGYN and she provided me treatment that kept the infections away for good and taught me how some of my habits were contributing to my chronic infections. I decided to start a blog to share my story along with tips about female health that I have learned over the years. I think more women need to share their female health experiences, because we all have them from time to time!



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What Are Some Women Health Screenings And Why Are They Performed?

Are you a woman who wonders why it is ideal to get health screenings for women? There are numerous women who mistakenly think that as long as they feel healthy, screenings are unnecessary. Annual women's health screenings are ideal for a number of reasons. Perhaps the main reasons are intervention and prevention against diseases or conditions. The following points will help you to understand possible screenings an OB/GYN may order on your behalf and why.

Pap Smears

Many women assume that pap smears are only used to detect cervical cancer. However, this health screening also is used to find abnormal cells in the cervix. The abnormal cells may be the result of HPV. HPV is a condition that can cause women to develop cancerous cells. It is generally the result of sexual contact with infected individuals.

Blood Tests

There are a number of reasons a screening might include blood tests. Some diseases such as HIV can be detected during routine blood screenings. 

Breast Checks

During a physical, an OB/GYN may check breasts. This is usually because some women do not perform their own self-checks. It can be lifesaving. Another reason for breast checks is when women get a certain age, they need to have mammograms performed. Early detection of lumps in breasts could aid in saving lives. All lumps are not malignant/ Doctors may still encourage their patients to get benign lumps removed. As technology advances, women can have hope if they breast cancer. This is especially true if the cancer is detected in its early stages.

STD Checks

Some STDs do not always make individuals feel discomfort. Women who are sexually active will likely have this type of test performed as a routine screening. Your OB/GYN may also order an HIV screening if you participate in unprotected sex. These measures are important because some STDs can render women infertile. HIV that is not treated can result in women living shorter lives because the virus will eventually develop into AIDS, which is the last stage of living with the virus. 

An OB/GYN, like Holzhauer, James L, is a good resource to use to learn more about health screenings for women. They can also determine which tests you need. Sometimes women may have symptoms of certain conditions such as fibroids. These conditions may mean that special screenings that are not typically performed need to be completed. These special screenings may need to occur even if it is not the time for a physical.