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Always Keep the Communication Lines Open with Your OBGYN

As an adult, I have always visited my OBGYN on a regular basis for pap smears and other important health screenings. I thought I was doing "everything right," to take care of my female health, but unfortunately, I began having re-occurring yeast infections. I kept trying home treatment after home treatment and while some worked temporarily, my infections always came back. I finally got fed up and made an extra appointment with my OBGYN and she provided me treatment that kept the infections away for good and taught me how some of my habits were contributing to my chronic infections. I decided to start a blog to share my story along with tips about female health that I have learned over the years. I think more women need to share their female health experiences, because we all have them from time to time!



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How An IUD Can Prevent Your Daughter From Becoming A Teenage Parent

If you have a teenage daughter, then you must raise her with discipline. We live in a society that glorifies sex and drugs. It only takes hanging with the wrong crowd and making a bad decision for a young person's life to get off track. In 2015, 229,715 babies were born to women between the ages of 15 to 19 years old. Read on to find out how IUD can prevent your daughter from becoming a teenage parent.

Get Your Daughter On Birth Control

Birth control stops pregnancy before it can occur. Parents can choose from a variety of options to prevent teen pregnancy. These options include pills, the patch, a vaginal ring, the shot, the sponge, IUDs, implants, the cervical cap, the diaphragm and condoms. Most sexually active teens use condoms and birth control pills. Unfortunately, they do not always use these methods in the right manner. This results in sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies.

Go With An Effective Preventative Method

An intrauterine device (IUD) is a small T-shaped piece of plastic that is placed in your uterus. It works by preventing sperm from fertilizing an egg. IUDs can stay in the uterus from three to 12 years, depending on the type.

What Are The Four Types Of IUDs?

The four types are Skyla, Liletta, Mirena and ParaGard. The Skyla is the smallest IUD device on the market. It uses hormones and provide up to three years of protection against pregnancy. The Liletta uses hormones and provides up to three years of protection. The Mirena is small, made of plastic and uses hormones. It provides up to five years of protection. The ParaGrad is non-hormonal and has copper filament wrapped around the T-shaped device. It provides up to 12 years of protection against pregnancy.

The IUDs that release hormones provide extra protection against pregnancy and alleviates menstruation cramps. However, this birth control method does not provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Abstinence and condoms are best for preventing STDs. There is also no age requirement to use an IUD.

Most parents want their children to become successful and productive citizens in the world. It starts with setting a foundation for your children and by showing them unconditional love. Some teenagers have sex because they do not feel love or do not have structure at home. You should always preach abstinence to your children. It is the only way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies.