Always Keep the Communication Lines Open with Your OBGYN

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Always Keep the Communication Lines Open with Your OBGYN

As an adult, I have always visited my OBGYN on a regular basis for pap smears and other important health screenings. I thought I was doing "everything right," to take care of my female health, but unfortunately, I began having re-occurring yeast infections. I kept trying home treatment after home treatment and while some worked temporarily, my infections always came back. I finally got fed up and made an extra appointment with my OBGYN and she provided me treatment that kept the infections away for good and taught me how some of my habits were contributing to my chronic infections. I decided to start a blog to share my story along with tips about female health that I have learned over the years. I think more women need to share their female health experiences, because we all have them from time to time!



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Four Questions To Ask When Looking For An Obstetrician

Pregnancy is an exciting time in your life, but you may also be nervous about doing everything you can to ensure your baby is healthy. Finding the right obstetrician can help you to feel more comfortable, and it can provide you with the essential care you need during your pregnancy. When looking for an obstetrician, it's important to ask plenty of questions so you can be sure you've selected the right doctor. Here are just some of the many questions you should consider asking.

Which Hospitals Are You Affiliated With?

Some OBs may be on staff at more than one local hospital, while others may only be affiliated with one. It's important to know which facilities your doctor works out of, as you'll want to be as comfortable with the hospital as you are your physician. The hospital should have a NICU just in case your baby needs extra medical care, and it should provide private birthing suites to help you feel more at ease during labor.

What Is Your Philosophy On C-Sections And Elective Induction?

While your birth may be months down the road, you'll want to know what your doctor's approach to C-sections and elective inductions is. For example, how long after a due date does he or she wait before inducing labor? Does your doctor believe in VBAC (vaginal birth after delivery), or will you have to have a C-section if your last child was delivered this way? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you to determine if the doctor will be able to help you come up with a birth plan you are comfortable with.

How Can I Reach You After Business Hours?

Pregnancy emergencies don't follow business hours, so you'll want to make sure you can always reach someone if there is a problem with your pregnancy. Ask how many other doctors are on-staff in the practice, and ask whether or not you can reach a nurse practitioner after hours with minor questions. It's also a good idea to find out about weekend appointment availability for checkups, as weekend office hours make it easier for you and your partner to attend appointments together.

Where Will I Go For Testing?

Throughout your pregnancy, you'll likely have several tests performed, including blood work and ultrasounds. You may feel more comfortable going to a doctor who offers all of these services at the same location. This makes it easy to schedule tests and appointments at the same time, so you make fewer trips to get the prenatal care you need.

Of course, you'll also want to be sure you are comfortable with the obstetrician's bedside manner. If you aren't sure about a doctor, keep looking until you find one you feel you can entrust with your care and the care of your baby. For assistance, talk to a professional like Women's Care Inc.